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Sweet Sips Colostrum Spoons

Attention Customers:

Sweet Sips is excited to announce our new spoon which is biodegradable and compostable!  This plant based spoon will provide the same benefits as our original design, but with an earth-friendly focus in mind.  The spoons require less energy to produce, and degrade quickly.  The plant based polymers used to make our spoons are FDA approved as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and are 

BPA free and safe for food contact.  

New Sweet Sips Colostrum Spoons 

will begin shipping in February 2022.

Colostrum - Rich in immunities, just the right amount, thick enough for the newborn who is just learning to coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe sequence, warm & sweet, the perfect package of goodness for the brand new baby.

So every baby should get colostrum, right? But maybe you've heard things like this:

  • "There's no milk yet."
  • "The baby is so sleepy he won't latch"
  • "My baby is so small (or big) - she needs more than just colostrum."
  • "I pumped and got nothing!"

Now there's an option - hand expressing to a colostrum spoon.   Show mom that she does have milk, and help the baby to get the colostrum until latching and breastfeeding effectively.  ! By teaching mom to hand express into a colostrum spoon, you are teaching her that colostrum IS important, and that it DOES matter to her baby. When she sees that colostrum is important to YOU - it is becomes important to her. And by using the appropriate-sized spoon, mom can see that even a few drops of this precious milk can mean a lot to her baby in the early days of life.


In addition to hand expressing colostrum after birth, now mothers are learning to begin hand expression in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  What a great way for her to get comfortable with hand expression before the baby comes, and if she collects any colostrum she can bring it along with her to the hospital in case the baby might need it.   Our colostrum collection kits contain everything needed for antenatal colostrum collection.